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#2289;  29 Jun 2020;  Popescu, Gelu;  29pp;
Wold decompositions for representations of C*-algebras associated with noncommutative varieties, A. Aleman,

#2286;  15 May 2020;  Bose, Snehasish; Muthukumar, P.; Sarkar, Jaydeb;  13pp;
Beurling type invariant subspaces of composition operators, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2280;  06 May 2020;  Carlsen, Toke Meier; Rout, James;  27pp;
Orbit equivalence of higher-rank graphs, S. Vaes,

#2272;  05 May 2020;  Mantoiu, Marius;  38pp;
C*-algebraic spectral sets, twisted groupoids and operators, V. Nistor,

#2276;  27 Apr 2020;  Hagger, Raffael; Virtanen, Jani A.;  13pp;
Compact Hankel operators with bounded symbols, A. Bottcher,

#2281;  17 Apr 2020;  Eskandari, Rasoul; Frank, Michael; Manuilov, Vladimir M.; Moslehian, Mohammad Sal;  27pp;
B-spline interpolation problem in Hilbert C*-modules, S. Vaes,

#2270;  11 Apr 2020;  Botelho, Fernanda; Ilisevic, Dijana;  19pp;
On isometries with finite spectrum, A. Bottcher,

#2288;  23 Mar 2020;  Bayart, Frederic; Wang, Maofa; Yao, Xingxing;  22pp;
Linear combinations of composition operators with linear symbols on a Hilbert space of Dirichlet series, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2282;  09 Mar 2020;  Jiang, Yongle;  29pp;
Maximal Haagerup subalgebras in $L(mathbb Z^2 times S:_2(mathbb Z))$, S. Vaes,

#2292;  28 Feb 2020;  Chalendar, Isabelle; Partington, Jonathan R.;  13pp;
Weighted composition operators: isometries and asymptotic behaviour, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2269;  17 Feb 2020;  Albrecht, Ernst; Chevreau, Bernard;  21pp;
Compact perturbations of scalar type spectral operators, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2268;  06 Feb 2020;  Hagger, Raffael;  18pp;
Essential commutants and characterizations of the Toeplitz algebras, A. Bottcher,

#2279;  06 Feb 2020;  Bakshi, Keshab Chandra; Kodiyalam, Vijay;  15pp;
Commuting squares and planar subalgebras, S. Vaes,

#2285;  01 Feb 2020;  Bostelmann, Henning; Cadamuro, Daniela; Lechner, Gandalf;  31pp;
High energy bounds on wave operators, A. Bottcher,

#2275;  22 Jan 2020;  Gerasimova, Maria; Thom, Andreas;  9pp;
On the isometrisability of group representations on p-spaces, S. Vaes,

#2267;  20 Jan 2020;  Asadi, Mohammad B.; Asadi-Vasfi, M. Ali;  17pp;
The radius of comparison of the tensor product of a C*-algebra with C(X), S. Vaes,

#2261;  20 Dec 2019;  Leary, Brian;  12pp;
Maximal amenability with asymptotic orthogonality in amalgamated free products, S. Vaes,

#2278;  16 Dec 2019;  Passer, Benjamin; Paulsen, Vern I.;  23pp;
Matrix range characterizations of operator system properties, H. Bercovici,

#2277;  04 Dec 2019;  Gerhold, Malte; Shalit, Orr Moshe;  19pp;
On the matrix range of random matrices, H. Bercovici,

#2290;  21 Nov 2019;  Sato, Yasuhiko;  21pp;
2-positive almost order zero maps and decomposition rank, S. Vaes,

#2262;  12 Nov 2019;  Mal, Arpita; Paul, Kallol;  9pp;
Birkhoff-James orthogonality to a subspace of operators defined between Banach spaces, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2291;  12 Nov 2019;  Androulidakis, Iakovos; Mohsen, Omar; Yunkcken, Robert;  27pp;
The convolution algebra of Schwartz kernels along a singular foliation, V. Nistor,

#2273;  02 Nov 2019;  Bhattacharjee, Monojit; Das, B. Krishna;  18pp;
Factors of hypercontractions, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2257;  09 Oct 2019;  Le Merdy, Christian; Zadeh, Safoura;  23pp;
$\ell^1$-contractive maps on noncommutative $L^p$-spaces, S. Vaes,

#2256;  21 Sep 2019;  Gallardo-Gutierrez, Eva A.; Monsalve-Lopez, Miguel;  13pp;
Power-regular Bishop operators and spectral decompositions, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2283;  08 Sep 2019;  Boenicke, Christian; Chakraborty, Sayan; He, Zhuofeng; Liao, Hung-Chang;  12pp;
A note on crossed products of rotation algebras, S. Vaes,

#2248;  23 Aug 2019;  Seelmann, Albrecht; Taeufer, Matthias; Veselic, Kresimir;  7pp;
Protecting points from operator pencils, A. Bottcher,

#2266;  22 Aug 2019;  Orloff Clark, Lisa; Fletcher, James;  30pp;
Groupoid algebras as covariance algebras, S. Vaes,

#2284;  22 Jul 2019;  Chan, Kit C.; Sanders, Rebecca;  32pp;
Hypercyclic shift factorizations for bilateral weighted shift operators, H. Bercovici,