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#2243;  07 Aug 2019;  Vergara, Ignacio;  34pp;
Positive definite radial kernels on homogeneous trees and products, S. Vaes,

#2244;  19 Jun 2019;  Sobolev, Alexander V.; Yafaev, Dmitri;  29pp;
On spectral analysis of self-adjoint Toeplitz operators, A. Bottcher,

#2242;  05 Jun 2019;  Pascoe, J.E.;  4pp;
An entire free holomorphic function which is unbounded on the row ball, H. Bercovici,

#2241;  03 Jun 2019;  Dirr, Gunther; vom Ende, Frederik;  15pp;
Von Neumann type trace inequalities for Schatten-class operators, A. Bottcher,

#2238;  14 May 2019;  Li, Chi-Kwong; Tsai, Ming-Cheng; Wang, Ya-Shu; Wong, Ngai-Ching;  28pp;
Nonsurjective maps between rectangular matrix spaces preserving disjointness, triple products, or norms, A. Bottcher,

#2239;  15 Mar 2019;  Blekherman, Grigoriy; Fialkow, Lawrence;  21pp;
The core variety and representing measures in the truncated moment problem, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2229;  11 Mar 2019;  Courtney, Kristin; Sherman, David;  28pp;
The universal C*-algebra of a contraction, S. Vaes,

#2230;  21 Jan 2019;  Arklint, Sara E.; James, Gabe; Efren Ruiz;  29pp;
Hereditary C*-subalgebras of graph C*-algebras, M. Dadarlat,

#2215;  21 Nov 2018;  Crismale, Vitonofrio; Lu, Yun Gang;  23pp;
Vacuum distribution, norm and spectral properties for sums of monotone position operators, S. Vaes,

#2234;  07 Nov 2018;  Marcoux, L.W.;  16pp;
On norm-limits of algebraic quasidiagonal operators, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2237;  21 Oct 2018;  Mancuso, Mark E.;  28pp;
Inverse and implicit function theorems for noncommutative functions on operator domains, H. Bercovici,

#2240;  18 Oct 2018;  Fritz, Tobias;  19pp;
Curious properties of free hypergraph C*-algebras, M. Dadarlat,

#2216;  16 Oct 2018;  Huo, Zhenghui; Wick, Brett D.;  33pp;
Compactness of operators on the Bergman space of the Thullen domain, A. Bottcher,

#2236;  10 Oct 2018;  Archey, Dawn E.; Phillips, N. Christopher;  38pp;
Permanence of stable rank one for centrally large subalgebras and crossed products by minimal homeomorphisms, M. Dadarlat,

#2224;  09 Oct 2018;  Wang, Yi; Xia, Jingbo;  17pp;
Essential normality of principal submodules of the Hardy module on a strongly pseudoconvex domain, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2212;  09 Oct 2018;  Djikic, Marko S.; Radenkovic, Jovana Nikolov;  22pp;
Simultaneous extension of two bounded operators between Hilbert spaces, A. Bottcher,

#2231;  25 Sep 2018;  Chalendar, Isabelle; Gallardo-Guitierrez, Eva A.; Partington, Jonathan R.;  11pp;
A Beurling theorem for almost-invariant subspaces of the shift operator, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2207;  31 Aug 2018;  Molnar, Lajos;  18pp;
Spectral characterization of Jordan-Segal isomorphisms of quantum observables, A. Bottcher,

#2202;  23 Aug 2018;  Fletcher, James; an Huef, Astrid; Raeburn, Iain;  33pp;
A program for finding all KMS states on the Toeplitz algebra of a higher-rank graph, S. Vaes,

#2214;  04 Aug 2018;  Crytser, Danny; Nagy, Gabriel;  37pp;
Simplicity criteria for etale groupoid C*-algebras, S. Vaes,

#2201;  13 Jul 2018;  Laca, Marcelo; Warren, Jacqueline M.;  21pp;
Phase transitions on C*-algebras arising from number fields and the generalized Furstenberg conjecture, S. Vaes,

#2222;  13 Jun 2018;  Aguilar, Konrad;  46pp;
Fell topologies for AF-algebras and the quantum propinquity, M. Dadarlat,

#2217;  12 Jun 2018;  Omland, Tron;  14pp;
Dynamical systems and operator algebras associated to Artin's representation of braid groups, S. Vaes,

#2204;  07 Jun 2018;  Maji, Amit; Mundayadan, Aneesh; Sarkar, Jaydeb; Sankar, T.R.;  23pp;
Characterization of invariant subspaces in the polydisc, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2191;  02 Jun 2018;  Xia, Runlian; Xiong, Xiao;  42pp;
Operator-valued local Hardy spaces, S. Vaes,

#2206;  28 May 2018;  Tao, Terence;  15pp;
Commutators close to the identity, S. Vaes,

#2226;  24 May 2018;  Roman, Marcel; Sandovici, A.;  9pp;
The square root of nonnegative selfadjoint linear relations in Hilbert spaces, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2218;  17 May 2018;  Kaftal, Victor; Ng, P.W.; Zhang, Shuang;  41pp;
Purely infinite corona algebras, S. Vaes,

#2193;  14 May 2018;  Boucif, Imene; Dehimi, Souheyb; Mortad, Mohammed Hichem;  22pp;
On the absolute value of unbounded operators, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2235;  08 Apr 2018;  Matsumoto, Kengo;  31pp;
Topological conjugacy of topological Markov shifts and Ruelle algebras, M. Dadarlat,